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    Progress Energy Prequalified Contractor:

    As a Progress Energy Prequalified Contractor, Legacy Plumbing Company is proud to offer a new addition to our Line of Water Heaters for our Plumbing Customers: The Heat Pump Water Heater.

    An Electric Heat Pump Water Heater is a new advance in the Hybrid Electric Water Heater Design. By integrating Heat Pump Technology into the Water Heater, homeowners are able to take advantage of an Electric Water Heater, that is also Energy Efficient. In fact, Heat Pump Water Heaters are about twice as efficient as standard water heaters, which means they can cut your Water Heating bill costs in Half!

    By having Legacy Plumbing Company install a new Heat Pump Water Heater, you can take advantage of a rebate of up to $350 dollars by Progress Energy Prequalified Contractor. Legacy Plumbing Company installs State Premier Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters, in either 60 or 80 Gallon Capacity.

    If it’s time for new Water Heater, give the professional plumbers at Legacy Plumbing a call at 919-571-9146. We specialize in Installing and Servicing Conventional and Tankless Water Heaters, too!

    Heat Pump Water Heater Advantages

    • Twice as Efficient as a standard Water Heater
    • Provides cost savings and performance
    • $350 Rebate by Choosing an Energy Star Certified Water Heater
    • Long Lifespan and Low Maintenance Costs
    • Safe and Eco Friendly
    • Wide Range of Applications
    • Convenient Installation — Can be installed in a variety of locations

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