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About Legacy Plumbing Company

Welcome to the Legacy Plumbing family, a Raleigh, North Carolina company that provides the best solutions to all your plumbing problems and needs. Our company is fully licensed and has been conducting quality service since 2004. Legacy plumbing company operates in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and the surrounding area of North Carolina.  We have a dedicated and insured team committed to providing world class quality of work and professional customer service.

We ensure that the most advanced equipment is used and expert services are offered for each and every job, since we know that your home or business is an investment for you. That is why we make certain that  your plumbing system is not only installed correctly but that it is also kept in optimal condition.

While most of the water systems in homes today are built to last for decades, they are unfortunately at risk of accruing enough mileage to cause a serious problem due to over usage. However, working with Legacy Plumbing, you have the opportunity to reduce the negative impact of over usage with our team constantly monitoring and upgrading your system We facilitate the entire process so that you can easily carry on with your life and let us handle the booking and scheduling for your system’s maintenance. You can give us a call, visit our website or drop us an email to commence the process. We look forward to earning your business for life!

Legacy Plumbing LLC will help you solve any and all plumbing problems by using eco-friendly solutions. We aim to preserve our environment all while performing and completing our work effectively. We advise our clients on the most practical and least harmful materials required to solve the many different plumbing problems that can arise.

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For example, to reduce water usage, we advise our clients to consider using low-flow toilets, water-efficient taps and pressure controlled showers. Reducing water usage can be extremely beneficial to both the environment and you as a client, since it helps you save money by decreasing your water bill, ultimately giving you peace of mind surrounding your water usage and water cost.

In addition to reducing the actual amount of water you use, we also strive to help clients with plumbing solutions that reduce overall energy costs.. At Legacy Plumbing, we recommend to our customers the installation of one of our tankless water heaters. Beyond this measure, the insulating of  pipes will help save on monthly energy bills. The above measures will not only help conserve the environment but also stretch your dollar that much further!

At Legacy Plumbing, we care deeply about your family’s health and that is why we have invested in the most modern and advanced water filtration equipment. We ensure that you have affordable, clean and free of additives water to drink and perform your daily household tasks with. Our equipment and methods combine to eliminate the toxins that are found in regular water. We have made our services more accessible than ever to ensure that our community in Raleigh, NC will benefit in the short and long term by allowing us to enhance your water’s quality.

From residential homes to commercial job sites, Legacy Plumbing always has your best interests at heart. We will not turn down a job based on the size of your home or commercial property. All you need to do is Call / visit /or Book an Appointment with our professional customer service team to have your problem assessed and then determine our most cost effective/dependable solution to have your plumbing issue resolved.

Our History

The vision bearer Jamie Dickenson’s focus was to provide the best commercial and residential plumbing services to the area when he founded Legacy Plumbing. Since the year 2004, Legacy Plumbing Company has been providing professional plumbing to the community. Dedicated to not only performing high quality work but also at affordable and fair costs to our customers. The main base of operations is in Raleigh, however our services reach Durham, Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas of North Carolina. Over the years our company has achieved massive growth and expansion in terms of the areas we serve and the people we help.

Why Legacy Plumbing Company?

Safety is Our Top Priority

Legacy Plumbing takes its clients’ safety very seriously. That is why we provide top-quality services following safe procedures while ensuring we meet our customer’s expectations. We also send out a team of professionals who have the experience and expertise to handle complex plumbing problems. Through our work, we strive to make the livelihood of the community surrounding our clients better than how we found it. Regardless of the plumbing problems you are experiencing, we assure you that you will be in safe hands. Contact us today to experience the most incredible services from the best plumbing company in the region.

We Offer Quality Satisfactory Services.

Our team of experts will thoroughly diagnose your problems and quickly get to work with the most practical solution’s possible. Our professionals will offer consultations to ensure you select the service that best aligns with what you want done. Since we value our clients’ opinions, we will strive to accurately and efficiently meet your needs. Secondly, our trustworthy staff holds the highest level of integrity, meaning that they will take absolute responsibility for events occurring while working.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Team

We go to great lengths to protect our customers. We conduct pre-screening to all our associates with a national background check and even drug test. All these are done to ensure they qualify to offer quality services to our customers. We conduct training every week and also offer new product training regularly. Our team members’ skills are continually sharpened so that they can better perform their job. We are extremely appreciative of the continued support from our customers now and in the future. Their feedback and support have made us strong and distinguishable in the plumbing community. Our main objective is to earn your business for life and become the only plumbing company that you are confident to carry out business with. Please feel free to stop by our office and visit us any time. We welcome visitors and would love the opportunity to meet you. We are also accessible online and on social media. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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