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Legacy Plumbing Company provides a full range of plumbing services to you the homeowner. From simple fixes to complicated jobs, Legacy Plumbing has the skills and ability to provide you the best plumbing services in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas of North Carolina

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Cerfied Commercial Plumbing

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Plumbing complications can be very messy for commercial locations. At times, very small leaks or clogged pipes can slow down production or even cause your business entity’s closure. The worst case scenario is when these leaks cost you trusted relationships with clients and your employees.
At Legacy Plumbing, we do our absolute best to help you avoid such messy scenarios. We understand that slowing down or shutting down your operations is not an option. That is why our team of specialized plumbers is ready to provide you with the required services you need for your commercial property, 24/7!

Our experts are well trained to assess situations and effectively treat the main source of the problem. Additionally, our team is fully equipped with advanced and technologically sound equipment. For example, the hydro scrub for drain cleaning. This device is state of the art and always dependably gets the job done. Secondly, our video plumbing inspection enables us to confirm that we provide accurate, efficient, and satisfactory commercial plumbing services.

Commercial Locations We Can Serve

The legacy plumbing company has diversified and can service a wide range of institutions such as;

We have the required training to provide top-notch services whenever we are needed.

Common Commercial Plumbing Services in Raleigh

7416-C Chapel Hill Rd. Raleigh, NC 27607

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Emergency Plumbing Services in Raleigh

Plumbing and drain problems will never happen at a good time when you are prepared. They often happen at night, just before holidays or during special occasions. Immediately call Legacy Plumbing company so that we can instantly come to your aid.. We offer all types of emergency plumbing services.  

Legacy Plumbing Company has proudly offered plumbing services in Raleigh and the surrounding areas of North Carolina since 2004. You can count on Legacy Plumbing Company 24/7, even during weekends, holidays, or in the middle of the night. You simply call us and communicate your issue to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives and they will commence the process of assisting you. You will receive quality service from our technicians without any delays. 

We are your first call in an emergency but to avoid this type of situation you can observe some things to mitigate potential damage.


Turn Off Water Sources

 Try to locate and turn-off individual shut-off valves for the fixture in question. You can also use the main water shut-off to control the entire water supply.

Turn Off heating Devices

Turn off power sources to the fixture to avoid hot water burns.

Isolate any leaks

Look for any leaks and capture the water flow with a bucket or waterproof container. Clean any water spillage to avoid slips and falls

Emergency Plumbing Services Offered

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7416-C Chapel Hill Rd. Raleigh, NC 27607

Call our 24/7 Service
(919) 571-9146

Top Plumbing Service Contracts in Raleigh

Prevention is always better than needing to find a cure. Are you always busy at work? Do you lack the technical expertise and experience to fully and effectively maintain your plumbing system? Well then this is your lucky day!! The most dependable plumbing service providers in North Carolina have got your back. The best team of plumbers in Raleigh will ensure that system failures never occur in your home.
The best plumbers allocated near your residence will also ensure that your home’s system is well maintained. A regular checkup is conducted to maintain the system’s full efficiency. Please do not limit yourself, at Legacy Plumbing company, we offer various plumbing service contracts.
Legacy Plumbing company will customize the contracts to meet the needs of both commercial companies and residential clients alike. We strive to be recognized as the best commercial plumbing contractor in the Raleigh region.

There is no need to ever get stressed because we are here to ease your burden. All you have to do is dial (919)-571-9146. Alternatively, you can fill out our service contact form found on our website to acquire more information.

Best Water Heater Cleaning Service

You have probably heard of the term wear and tear. Unfortunately, this applies to water heaters as well. Over time, as you enjoy the Rinnai water heater’s excellent service, they can accumulate many unwanted parties. These components over time will corrode such a wonderful and beneficial machine, breaking down its functionality. When the water heaters are well maintained, their lifespan will undoubtedly increase. 

Get a service contract from Legacy and enjoy these awesome benefits:

Water Filter and Softener Contract Services

Periodically water filters need to be changed to allow proper water pressure and filtration. Legacy Plumbing company offers you quality service at very low prices, especially when you engage in a service contract. Further, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

7416-C Chapel Hill Rd. Raleigh, NC 27607

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