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Water Filtration Services

We offer water filtration services for residential and commercial properties,. We have experienced professionals in water problems like water hardness, high iron content, low Ph, nitrate removal, and many other common issues. Clean water is mandatory for your health and proper hydration.. We are a call away to offer you the best options surrounding water filtration.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Water Filtration

Get Healthy Water

Water is essential in daily life, but when not well treated, it can potentially cause many health issues. Water can contain different impurities which are harmful to our health. If the water you use to drink, bathe in and cook your food has toxic pollutants, it could cause a serious health problem. You need clean water, and that is why you should consider water filtration. Water filtration removes the impurities from the water and leaves the essential minerals required for good health. 

Longer lasting Plumbing and Appliances

Harmful chemicals in water can build up after a while and damage the plumbing system. The damage will impact the appliances the plumbing system utilizes like faucets, dishwashers and garbage disposals. When you have filtered water flowing in your pipes, the plumbing system will naturally last longer. It can save you money and time, delaying a replacement or repairing the existing plumbing appliances.

Foreign Contaminants in Our Water

There are different biological, chemical, and environmental contaminants in our water. Your water supply system can contract these impurities along the way. Municipal water suppliers usually add chlorine to the water to keep away pathogens from contaminating the water supply. It does protect you as the user from water-borne diseases but can react with other elements to form toxins called trihalomethane (THMs). The toxin causes some health conditions, including asthma, bladder cancer, heart disease, and eczema. The various types of water filtration systems we provide can help filter chlorine, hence reducing its potentially harmful effects.

Our filtration service will include testing, diagnosing and coming up with the best solution for your water problem. We have affordable filtration systems that ensure your water is clean and beneficial to your health.

Legacy Plumbing

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Legacy Water Smart Filtration Products

Legacy RO 6

It is the best product in terms of pure and safe drinking water. Legacy RO 6 has six stages of filtration, which removes 99% of the contaminants. It improves water quality by removing arsenic, chlorine, lead, and heavy metals. In the process, there is the addition of calcium minerals to improve alkalinity. With Legacy RO 6, you are assured of healthier and great-tasting water.

Legacy Chlora-Max Conditioner

Legacy Chlora-Max Conditioner is designed to filter impurities including chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, color and organic contaminants. It is highly advanced with a high-grade catalytic activated carbon. This activated carbon boasts exceptional porosity, offering a vast surface area. Just one pound provides as much surface area as six football fields! This product works effectively by holding impurities using the carbon’s internal pore structure powered by electrostatic components. This conditioner has additional features, such as the control valve. One of the most reliable components has flow rates estimated to 34GPM. This valve is best suited for both light commercial and residential applications! 

Legacy Pro Series Softener

This product’s main aim is to eliminate problems caused by hard water.  It has features that make it the best for your water softening;

  • It has a cross-linked resin that is created for extremely hard water
  • A brine tank built to hold 300 pounds of salt or potassium
  • Granite and quartz refine and filter your water

Legacy Pro Series Softener assures you of cleaner, spot-free dishes, silky smooth bathing, and more manageable hair. It can also be very economical since it saves on soaps, detergents, and time. Additionally, it is designed to utilize the least salt or potassium to create the softest water. It comes in different sizes and we can help you select what is best for your home based on your specific needs. 

Legacy Iron Breaker III

Finally, there is a natural solution for removing iron and H2S by using legacy iron breaker III. It does not use chemicals, air compressors, aeratorsareators, or external venturis to purify water. Legacy iron breaker III has a patented technology that uses nature’s oxidation process to eradicate iron and H2S. With the utilization of our product, you will get the following benefits:

  • Enjoy clean and odor-free water
  • No more iron fouling in your water softener (Legacy Pro Series Water Softener)
  • Stop iron stains from appearing
  • Prevent pipes from iron clogging and black oxidation caused by H2S

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